From Milan, a group of Chemists, with more than 50 years' experience in health, Vermont Italia, enters the dermocosmetic market with an exclusive range of vitamin products named MONODERMÁ.

The name of the range comes from the philosophy behind the whole business project. As Paolo Prioglio, Vermont's Managing Director explains:

"In a market flooded with ever-more sophisticated, complex, multipurpose and technological cosmetic products, Vermont has chosen to aim for a pure, neutral formulation which respects the natural balance of the skin, providing the specialist, and above all the consumer's skin, with an innovative single dose product which can bring the skin in direct contact with the active ingredient in its purest state, and at the most efficacious concentration".

Available in vitamins A, C and E, MONODERMÁ comes in a pack of 28 fresh, easy-to-use single-application capsules. This ensures that the vitamin formulas are delivered to skin in a precise, concentrated dose, as an active ingredient.

MONODERMÁ vitamins are easy to apply, absorb easily into skin, are non-greasy and free from colouring agents, perfume and preservatives.

MONODERMÁ consists of pure, neutral formulations which respect the natural balance of skin and provide active ingredients in their purest state and at the most efficacious concentration.

MONODERMÁ vitamins can be used alone or integrated into your current régime to help with common skincare needs. One dose can be applied after a facial, peel or OMNILUX™, with the rest of the 28-pack to be used over the following weeks. For optimal results, apply in the evening directly onto skin after cleansing.

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Monoderma A
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Monoderma C
(normally $80) Monoderma C 10 contains pure vitamin C that help... more
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