Massage therapy

Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic system is simply the body’s waste disposal system which is a vital part of our immune system that fights infection and disease, it is responsible for detoxifying the body and transporting metabolic wastes, excess water, bacteria and toxins out of the body. The body may easily become clogged and blocked because the lymphatic system has no connection to the heart, therefore when you are tired or ill it can become sluggish, and an excess of waste material can remain at different sites in the body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of gentle treatment massage that relaxes the nervous system and aids the body’s immune system by encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph from the body. It helps drain fluids that may be stuck in different parts of the body. Once drainage is done, it leaves more room for oxygenated blood, white blood cells and healing repair mechanisms to perform their normal daily task more efficiently.

This treatment is very much recommended for those prone to and recovering from sore throats, colds, infections, on-going tiredness, excess fluids, low immunity, swollen node and also for the physically inactive. It is beneficial for people who have sluggish skins, and those do a lot of travelling.

Lymphatic drainage massage is also very good from time to time as a process of cleansing and decontaminating and decongesting the body, eliminating toxins and allowing the body systems to flow naturally, particularly if you are on a body detoxifying programme.

Facial Lyphatic Drainage (30min) $89
Body Lymphatic Drainage (30min) $150
Body Lymphatic Drainage (60min) from $180

Massage Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is a nice, gentle, and relaxing body therapy that uses warm Aroma essential oils to promote well-being and healing by aiding with muscle relaxation, releasing tension and de-stressing the mind

Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage (30min) from $180
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Swedish massage using warm Aroma Essential Treatment Oil to de-stress the body on the day, the massage focuses on the back area of the body to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension.
Shoulder, Neck and scalp Massage (30min) $120
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Swedish massage using warm Aroma Essential Treatment Oil to de-stress and eliminate toxin whilst easing muscle tension around neck and shoulder areas.
Full Body Massage (60min) from $190
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This Swedish body massage believed to promote health and well-being. The massage always begins with a nice warm towel wrap on the hands and feet. A special chosen warm oil for nice relaxation massage uses to eliminate toxin from the muscles and stimulate circulation which increases flow of oxygen in the blood.

Touch Therapies

Touch therapies are massage therapies performed to focus on particular section of the body for a duration of 15 minutes each touch therapy, this can also be performed as an “add-on” treatment with any of our facials.

One Touch (15min) $65
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A particular part of your body is arching or sore? Need a bit of attention today?
Have a touch therapy with your facial treatment which will be a full 15 minutes treatment focusing on your concern area of the body today.
Two Touch Therapy (30min) $120
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Two different areas of your body need attention to today?
Perhaps 15 minutes on lower back with another 15 minutes on the shoulders. Combine your facial treatment with the two touch therapy to truly help you feel much better and ease the pain.