Prime Beauty offers a wide range of customised facial treatments that match your skin conditions and needs leaving your skin looking healthier and younger. Facials that you get to relax, and at the same time you will be treated with all pure and natural specially formulated ingredients to obtain the health of your skin, and keeping it looking its best
Omnilux Light Therapy
Omnilux is a non surgical, non-invasive and non-UV light therapy. It enhances skin natural health by counteract sign of aging and healing of acne prone skin. It rejuvenate and promote healing of any inflammation or redness, helping skin looking brighter, more youthful and radiant
This is the latest trend when it comes to comfort in skin exfoliation treatment, as it is non abrasive and painless. This is the newest way to ensure that you have the cleanest skin ever. It exfoliates the skin with diamond tips whilst simultaneously cleans the skin as well, with the benefit of the water system it gets right into the skin follicles and washes all the debris out
Professional Peels
At Prime Beauty we offer both cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical grades peels that exfoliate the stratum corneum layer. This process helps to speed up the skin cellular renewal, increase hydration, reduce discolorations, and maximise the production of fibroblast (which is responsible for the production of collagen and elastin), resulting in flawless, plump up and dazzling looking skin
Eye Enhancements
Eye enhancement are designed to highlight the focus point of a person and to enhance the facial feature. Different eye enhancements applied to lift and draw attention to provide self confident
Body Treatments
Professional body treatments are specifically designed to address different concerns of the body area and to de-stress the mind. Prime Beauty’s body treatments are customised to suit your skin condition to ensure you achieve maximum benefits
Prime Beauty Premium Waxing Services
Prime Beauty caters for all waxing services for both men and women with superior hygiene standard by strictly adopting the “NO double dipping” policy. To ensure clients receive the best result only best quality waxes are used
Premium Manicure
Hand and Nail therapy which is more than just an ordinary manicure. This will help to treat your hands and strengthen your nails keeping them looking nice and strong. Your hands and nails will be treated with our professional Aroma Alpha Hydroxy Acid complex Nail range which designed to
Premium Pedicure
Our pedi- isn’t just an ordinary pretty looking toes; we pamper them making sure the important parts of our body (feet) are well-looked after. Professional aromatherapy foot care range, which are especially designed to invigorate tired feet and legs
Massage Therapy
Swedish massage therapy is a nice, gentle, and relaxing body therapy that uses warm Aroma essential oils to promote well-being and healing by aiding with muscle relaxation, releasing tension and de-stressing the mind
Threading is a centuries-old technique that has been commonly practiced in East Asia and the Middle East. The process uses a thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over to tidy up hairlines, lips and other areas of unwanted facial hair.
Spray Tanning
“Premium Quality Tan”
At Prime Beauty, we only use the purest tanning solutions to give the most natural looking colours, odour less without putting yourself to the risk of any harmful chemicals or skin cancer.
SunFX is recognised as the world’s No1 professional airbrush Spray on Tanning Systems, and the world’s purest with 100% all natural tanning ingredients
Prime Beauty only uses medical grade jewelries and piercing only be done with a gun for quick pain free