Men waxing

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal method which removes unwanted hair from the root. Almost any part of the body can be waxed, including facial hair. Hair removed from the root leaves the skin feeling nice and smooth for a period of about 2-8 weeks. Waxing is generally preferred over shaving as it not only leaves the skin feeling nice and smooth but also result in hair regrowth to become much finer and softer to touch.

Prime Beauty caters for all waxing services for both men and women. We use different types of waxing for different area of the body and only high quality wax are used making sure our clients receive the best result possible. Please click to see our women waxing services.

To ensure maximum results, we use only the best quality wax with premium hot wax used especially for sensitive areas of the body.

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Middle Eye Brow wax – $20
Eye Brow wax – From $30
Back of Neck wax – $30
Back of Neck wax (Add on) – $15
Underarm wax – $45
Shoulders wax – $35
Chest wax – $40
Stomach wax – $45
Stomach Line wax- $25
Stomach Line wax (Add on) – $15
Back wax – $58
Lower Arms wax – $35
Upper Arm wax – $40
Full arm wax – $65
Lower Leg wax – $40
Upper Leg wax – $45
Full Leg wax – $77
Hands wax – $30
Feet wax – $40
Back & Shoulder wax – $70
Chest & Stomach wax – $70