Eye Enhancements

Eye Treatment
(30min) From $60
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This gentle exfoliating treatment using a blend of peptides and firming proteins is designed to remove dulling debris to promote firmer, toner, and brighter looking tired eyes. With the addition of a calming masque to help soothe and revitalise your irritated eyes. Eyes will definitely feel the difference upon conclusion of this treatment!

Lash Extensions

Our premium eyelash extension uses feather light individual lashes to optimize the health of your natural lashes as well as enhancing your eyes in a natural way by adding length and volume to your own lash. The longevity of lash extension is usually between 3-5 weeks depending on the hair growth cycle but can vary considerably from one individual to another. To maintain perfect volume and luscious looking lashes, refills are recommended between 2-3 weeks after your primary visit. Clients with sparse lashes may need to refill earlier, usually within 1-2 weeks to prolong the life of the extensions.

Full Set: (60- 90mins) From $198
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To start the process of eyelash extension, a soothing eye make-up remover will be applied to remove any eye care product, natural skin oil or mascara, follow by eye lash tinting (optional) to darken the natural lashes then individual beautifully-crafted lash will be attached to each natural lash leaving you with a stunning celebrity eyes.
Refill: from (45mins) From $99
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Due to hair growth cycle, you will notice that after about 2-3 weeks, the grafted lashes will start to appear a bit sparse. This is an indication for a refill. Refilling time will vary between one individual to another.
Removal: (30mins) From $80
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This is to be done when you no longer wanting the lash extensions; or to remove the old extensions applied from elsewhere that isn’t suitable to mix with our professional set.


Tinting is a colouring method for brows and lashes which has been used in the beauty industry for decades. It is best suited for those who have fair/blonde lashes and brows that need to be darken to give more definition to their eye area. Tinting enhances brow lines and lengthens lashes in such a natural way; you won’t have to worry about wearing mascara or brow pencil every morning!

Brow Tint    From $25
Lash Tint    $30
Lash & Brow Tint    $50