The purpose of skin consultation is to assist professional skin consultant to determine which treatments work best on particular types of skin, and to understand your medical history.

To perform a skin analysis, the consultation process begins with basic facial cleansing, performed by your professional skin care expert. During this time, you have the opportunity to discuss and address any concerns you may have regarding your current skin condition. Upon assessment, your professional skin care expert will tailor a personal skin care programme according to your skin condition.

Consultation fees apply but are however, redeemable. Simply ask your professional skin consultant how!


Skin is the largest living organ and is the best friend of ours. Every skin is diverse, it shows what we made up off and reflects our lifestyle and daily routine. To meet the needs of your skin, Prime Beauty offers a range of customized facial treatments that match your skin conditions, leaving your skin looking healthier and younger.

To maximise our achievement we also introduce the new generation of skin care treatments using advanced technologies i.e. Omnilux Light TherapyMicrohydrabrasion and an extensive range of cosmaceutical grade professional peels.

Choose from our 3 main categories facial treatments or discuss with one of our professional skin care consultant to find out which treatment your skin need best.

Pure Essential Facials

Facials that you get to relax, and at the same time you will be treated with all pure and natural specially formulated ingredients to obtain the health of your skin, and keeping it looking its best.

Our signature facials are designed to accommodate all skin types with different skin conditions. These customized treatments involve the use of a mixture of Dermalogica Professional skin care products to target different areas of concern.

So lay back and relax whilst your skin gets sorted with our expert touch.

Prime Facial: (60min) $150
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(includes Hand/Scalp Massage)During Prime Facial, clients will have the opportunity to indulge and relax, while experiencing our unique double cleansing technique, professional skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction (optional), a facial massage using a variety of botanical extracts, and a treatment mask. Prime Facial treatment finishes off with a dash of our professional hydrator and sun protector. Upon the completion of this treatment you will experience an overall enrichment sense of wellbeing; skin will noticeably feel softer, suppler and radiant. You will be given advices on how to prolong these benefits at home.
Invigorating Facial (45min) $120
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(Includes Hand/ Scalp Massage)This introductory facial is designed for those who have limited time but cannot resist the temptations of having healthier and radiant looking skin. This treatment involves professional skin analysis, double cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masking, and finishing with a nourishing moisturiser and sunscreen. This forty-minute treatment will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed, even during stressful times!
Triple Foliant (30min) $79
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This three exfoliations technique is an immediate boost for the skin bringing its softness, smoothness and luminous in less than 30minutes.
Revitalizing Facial ( 40min) $110
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(Bonus Hand/Scalp Massage)This facial is to introduce men and women of all ages. This effective treatment will leave skin looking smooth, clear and rejuvenated.
This treatment involves professional skin analysis, double cleansing, exfoliating, masking, and finishing with a soothing and nourishing moisturiser with sunscreen. This thirty-minute treatment will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed, in a quick lunch time rush!
Men’s Business Facial ( 45min) $165
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(Bonus Neck & Shoulders Massage)Tailor made to treat and cater for the specific needs of men’s skin, this introduction to facial treatments, is certain to become a regular routine not to be missed. A gentle peel, is applied to help with shaving bumps and damage from the elements, leaving skin glowing and soft. Followed by a soothing massage for the face and neck, to gently calm and hydrate, it’s a 45 minutes of luxurious pampering for men.
This treatment involves professional skin analysis, double cleansing, exfoliating, masking, facial massage, and finishing with a hydrating moisturiser +sunscreen.

Specialized Facial Treatments

These facial treatments are designed to specifically target serious skin concerns using result-driven and high performance professional strength products. These treatments are ensured to deliver optimum results when combined with personal homecare system. These personal homecare systems will be designed by your professional skin consultant upon consultation to ensure significant noticeable improvements.

Advanced AHA Power Facial $120
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A 40-50 minutes Power Facial guaranteed to refine the skin texture with a combination of gentle AHAs and exfoliating beads. Deeply hydrate and protect the skin with natural skin moisturisers and essential skin vitamins (A, C and E).
Treatment includes double cleanse, exfoliate, minor extraction (optional), serum infusion, facial firming massage, neck &shoulders massage, mask, correct , hydrate, sun protection and Brush-on skin treatment, colour and sun protection in one.
You can accelerate the results of your AHA Power Facial with PRIORI AHAs and Vitamins A, C and E by repeating with more AHA Power Facials over the next few weeks.
Step up your results with a course of 3 – 6 Advanced AHA Peels.
Dermal Chroma White Treatment (60min) $189
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(Includes Hand/ Scalp Massage)This is one of the most effective skin brightening treatments up-to-date and is great for sun damaged and pigmented skin as it helps to improve skin discoloration and even out skin tones. Using its powerful exfoliating system to smooth and slough off dark-looking pigmented spots, along with Botanical extracts and intense hydration, this treatment will aid in the treatment and prevention of cellular discoloration whilst nourishing and protecting the skin from further environmental damaged.
For optimal results, six-to-eight subsequent sessions of this treatment is highly recommended
Dermal MediBac Clearing Treatment (60min) $180
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(Includes Hand/ Scalp Massage)Dermal MediBac Clearing treatment is designed specifically to target acne and breakout?prone skin. This purifying treatment with its deep cleansing properties helps to clear existing acne breakouts and assist in regulating oily skin. A professional treatment masque will be used to detoxify and calm any inflammation of the skin. To help prevent future damage, the skin will be protected with Dermalogica feather light moisturiser and oil free sun screen.
Ideal combination with Omnilux Blue Light Therapy
Dermal UltraCalming Treatment (60min) $180
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(Includes Hand/ Scalp Massage)Sensitised and/or environmentally-damaged skin often feels itchy, dry, irritating, and rough to touch whilst looking red, inflamed and irritated. Dermal UltraCalming treatment is designed specifically for those with skin sensitivity-related concerns. The calming, soothing, and nurturing ingredients incorporated in this treatment serve to hydrate, repair, and protect the barrier of the skin and as a result it visibly reduces redness, roughness and itchiness.
Dermal Age Smart Treatment (60min) $180
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(Includes hand massage)Bring back the health and youthfulness of your skin by simply undergoing this Dermalogica facial treatment! Using a combination of vitamins and hydroxy acid, this skin regime effectively removes dead skin cells and retexturises the skin. To ensure optimal effect, a specialised masque will also be applied to stimulate collagen and elastin, giving your skin the plumpness and radiance it needs to feel softer, smoother, firmer, and younger looking than ever before!
Vitamin Infusion Facial Treatment (75min) $250
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(Includes Hand /Scalp Massage)This treatment is designed for those who enjoy indulging of Omnilux Light Therapy and would like to take the treatment a step further to add more result by incorporate parts of facial treatment with a specific vitamin per skin condition; the Omnilux Light Therapy will infuse all the benefits into a deeper layer of the skin to achieve a brighter, smoother, more radiant and supple looking skin.

Deluxe Aromatherapy Facials

The Deluxe Aromatherapy facials are inspired by natural and pure ingredients of Decleor skincare to stimulate all five senses and entrench your skin with deep nourishment and leave it feeling revitalised.

The therapy will heighten your sense of relaxation and rejuvenation as well as improving the health of your skin. Each Decleor facial features 100% pure, 100% active and 100% natural that will fulfil even the most demanding skin.

Prime Beauty is committed to provide clients with a comforting and indulging experience as well as excellent results. A comforting back massage using Decleor Aromessence Spa Relax Massage Balm will be used to kick start these treatments to ensure that you will experience those pure moments of relaxation right from the very beginning. The beautiful and comforting natural fragrance from the essential oils press instantly relaxes and balances the mind and soul.

Aroma Purifying Therapy (75mins) $180
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(Includes Back Massage, Hands and Feet Massage)In this Aroma Purifying facial, a double cleansing is followed by exfoliation using cotton milk enzyme to refine the skin. Green Clay is used to cleanse, purify, and unclog pores and giving the skin a matt appearance. Chamomile, Grapefruit, Peach, Blueberry, Horsetail, and Ginseng extracts pamper the skin and provide abundance of antioxidants and nutrients, leaving the skin naturally revitalised and rejuvenated.
Aroma Hydrating Therapy (75mins) $230
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(Includes Back Massage, Hands and Feet Massage)A skin therapy which you never want to miss! This Aroma Hydrating Therapy is a rescue for dehydrated, dull looking skin. A specially selected Aromessence oil and balm will be used to ease away any discomfort caused by a lack of moisture in the skin. The Aroma Therapy Mask using a combination of Apple and Orange extracts will brighten and rehydrate the skin leaving it looking more radiant than before. Skin simply shines, but in a good, luminous way!