Prime Beauty Premium Threading Services

Threading is a centuries-old technique that has been commonly practiced in East Asia and the Middle East.
The process uses a thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over to tidy up hairlines, lips and other areas of unwanted facial hair.
Facial threading is a great alternative to waxing, it is chemical-free and gentle to the skin, threading is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and or skin that tends to break out after waxing. compare to waxing, threading just grabs the hair and pulls it out, therefore skin doesn’t get as red after.
Threading is by far the least invasive method of facial hair removal, leaving the skin clean and smooth.

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  • Eye Brow Thread – From $35
  • Lip Thread – $18
  • Chin Thread – $20
  • Forehead Thread – $30
  • Cheek Thread – $32
  • Jaw Line Thread – $35
  • Sideburns Thread – $35
  • Full Face Thread (exclude eye brows) – $65